Felmar Technical Co. L.L.C.
Felmar Maintenance Services W.L.L.
  Millennium Marine Services L.L.C.
Felmar Mechanical Services W.L.L.
Frontline Electrical Eqpt. & Trd. L.L.C.
Millennium Supply Services.
  Jacray Traders.
  • Mechanical Repairs
  • Electrical Repairs
  • Ship Refurbishment
  • marine Maintenance
  • Ship Spares

Felmar Group is a conglomerate of six Companies and their specialties are as under

Flemar Technical Co. LLC - Dubai
Flemar Maintenance Company WLL - Bahrain

Provide Specialist Ship Refurbishment and Maintenance Services like Designing, Planning, Procurement, Installation, Commissioning, etc.,

Millennium Marine Services LLC - Dubai
Felmar Mechanical Services WLL - Bahrain

Provide Dry-docking facilities, Specialist Surveys, Inspection, Ship repair/maintenance services, Engineering based Sealing Solution, etc.,

Frontline Electrical Eqpt. & Trading Co. LLC - Dubai

Provide exclusive supplies of electrical/electronic equipment, spares etc

Felmar Engineering and Technical Co. - Pune

Provide logistics and Sourcing Services.

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